1. How does this work?  You let us know your daily or weekly route and we match them up delivery opportunities on the same route
  2. How much can I earn?  Typically about $17-$27 an hour depending on demand and quantity you carry. You will be provided this info with each order so you can decide if it is worth it.
  3. Do I get to decide when and what to carry?  Yes
  4. Where do the orders come from?  Delivery orders are placed by local businesses from other businesses.
  5. What’s the overall idea?  We connect businesses who need a delivery done with professional drivers (commuters, taxi drivers, folks on the road a lot, like Technicians who may travel from one site to another). You get to earn extra for travelling on the route you normally do and businesses save money by getting a discount on their delivery. we take a smaller cut than Uber does.
  6. How do I get paid?  You will get a weekly check
  7. Who pays the taxes? You are responsible for your own taxes
  8. What will I be delivering?  Typically posters, banners or boxes of flyers. May also include other supplies businesses need. We reject anything illegal.
  9. Will I be considered an employee of commutercourier.com? No. You set your own hours and how you want to successfully complete the task as an independent contractor.
  10. What about insurance coverage? You are responsible for having valid commercial insurance on your vehicle.
  11. How do I begin? Send us an email at support@888delivery.com and let us know your availability. We will have you answer few legal and safety questions and your route preferences. You will be entered in our database and will receive a call or email when a match occurs.